Lets work together to transform your body.

The clients that will most benefit from me are ones that expect fast results and love workouts that are catered to their individual goals and abilities and also enjoy workouts that change often to keep the workouts fun and exciting. I love clients that really enjoy lifting weights and pushing their bodies to their max. As a NPC & IFB Men’s Physique competitor I continually work hard to improve my body so I can be a strong competitor and this allows me to closely relate to my clients who are also working hard towards their goals to improve and transform their bodies. I closely watch all of my clients to ensure their safety and at the same time pushing them hard so they can reach their goals.

I started exercising shortly after my father had a heart attack in his early 50’s because I saw that based on my diet and lack of exercise I was following in his footsteps and I knew that I had to change. I soon developed a love for fitness and couldn’t seem to get enough of it. Once I became a certified trainer I knew that I had found my calling in life because I have always loved helping other people and by being a trainer I am able to help people change their lives. I have trained in large gyms and private studios and I love nothing more than training clients in a private studio because the focus can then be 100% on them which maximizes their results. I love most all sports but as former Assistant Golf Professional I have a love and passion for golf so I play as often as I can.

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